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William (Bill) Fleet

Rest in Peace - October 23, 2020
We are sad to announce the death of long time Soo Modeller Bill Fleet at age 86. He will be dearly missed by his clubmates.
There are a handful of photos of Billy on the website, including this vintage photo (circa 1960), the photo (right) from May 23, 2015 in Flying Site Maintenance, and the most recent pics on June 14, 2020..

 (photo by Peter Smith)


Twist and Shout!

Click on Cecil's Twist - piloted by Miss Lamb Chop on Sept 10th (left) for the latest photos from the 2020 flying season in the PICS menu (above).

(photo by Peter Smith)


Construction Season Ahead...

cruisemaster(photo by Steve Daly)

Due to "you-know-what", there will be no indoor flying at the gym this season. Many Soo Modellers, your webmaster included, will be using the extra stay-at-home time to build newer and better models for next season!
Click on Steve Daly's Bellanca Cruisemaster now under construction (above) for more photos of this ambitious project in the Members Models menu. And check out that workshop!!!

Note:   The City of Sault Ste. Marie is offering Indoor R/C flying for Seniors Only (55yrs+) at the Northern Community Centre on Tuesday afternoons. Contact Peter Smith if you are interested - or contact us here at the website, we'll put you in touch.


It flies!

Almost five years in the making, JP's beautiful 1/4 Scale J-3 Cub is airworthy at last!
Click on the big yellow bird in flight on Sept. 10th (left) for photos of this model under construction in the Members Models menu.

(photo by Peter Smith)


Lil Wizard and the robot arm...

Click on Earl launching his .049 "Lil Wizard" using the R/C robot control arm on Saturday Sept. 26th (right) for the latest Echoes from Far Valley in the Heard at the Hangar menu.

(photo by C. Moes)


Welcome to the online home of the Soo Modellers RC Model Airplane Club. Our club members enjoy the challenges and rewards of all types of Radio Controlled Flying Models. We fly outdoors in the summertime, indoors during winter, and always welcome new members!

Our club was established in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada in the early 1940's as you will learn in Doc's brilliant History of Aeromodelling in Sault Ste. Marie included in the HISTORY section (above). There are many other gems here from days gone by, including scanned images from dusty old photo albums and reprints from newsletters of the past.
The main menu (above) also provides information about our FLYING SITE which is suitable for both land and water based operations. The PICS menu features flying photos and reports, and the best of the Soo Modellers videos are found in the FLICS menu. The MEMBERSHIP menu provides useful information about the club for both members and visitors alike.
The bulletins and photos above include links to the latest updates in the main menu - and usually stick around for a few weeks...
We hope you enjoy the site - and we always welcome your questions, comments, and contributions. Contact us!
Christian Moes
MAAC #7077

jd aero
MANY THANKS to our corporate sponsor JD AERO for their ongoing support of the Soo Modellers!
Click on their logo (left) to learn more about the Soo's most experienced aircraft heavy maintenance provider!

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