Now it’s even easier to join the or to renew your 2022 membership.

If you have online banking you are able to pay via e-transfer please use the email

Joining the Soo Modellers

Soo Modellers annual membership fee is $100.00/yr due by December 31 for the next flying season.

For New members that join after September 15th, this fee covers the balance of the year plus the following year.

For Junior members with a “J” in their MAAC number and full time students at an accredited college or university* the Annual Fee is $25.00/yr

Note: Soo Modellers members must also join MAAC  (Model Aeronautics Association of Canada) – with applicable fees.

Base MAAC Membership Fees:

  • Introductory (3 months) $19.95, balance $60.05 prior to 3-month expiry date
  • Open $80 for the current year (or any portion), or $216 for the current year (or any portion) plus 2 years
  • Spousal/Common-law $50 for the current year (or any portion) or $150 for the current year (or any portion) plus 2 years
  • Junior $10 or $21 with magazine

Fees shown above do not include applicable GST or HST
All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.
Bi-monthly publication is supplied to members commencing at renewal or date joined

Please contact us if you have any questions.