Indoor flying is now open to all ages!

(Updated March 28, 2022)

That is right , No Age Restrictions . I hope more people can get some time on Tuesdays to get out to the Northern Community Centre (556 Goulais Avenue) and fly .

We have 2 Indoor soccer fields to fly in every Tuesday afternoon, 1:00pm to 3:00pm at a cost of $2.

That is a super bargain to keep your flying skills up during the winter and in ugly weather. Most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and masks are NOT required at the present. Bring suitable footwear to go on the artificial turf, no outside boots allowed. Social distancing is still suggested. Airplanes are restricted to 40” wingspan, and non-combustion engines .

You must register at the 55+ office and pay the $2 session fee, before going on the turf.

Indoor Flying has all COVID-19 restrictions dropped except the masking while in the Centre.








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