Stan Lyons Award 2014
(photo by Rino Zorzi)

In Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan dwelt a son of an ex-Canadian, by name: Stanley Lyons. Stan was a jolly, rotund, little man. He and his wife Vieno operated The Pinnacle Paint and Wallpaper Shop at 104 East Portage Avenue. Stan was a modeller of outstanding merit. He owned and flew his own Taylorcraft until a high-revving Cox .049 glow engine lost half a nylon prop blade that buried itself in his left eye. Stan lost his licence to fly, and sold the T-Craft. Stan was very interested in r/c and might be said to be the father of the art in this part of North America. The Canadian Sault has always been larger than it’s American twin. We had many new modelers, and they had few. I do not recall that Stan’s son Danny was ever involved in aeromodelling, apart from plastic models, but today he’s an astro-physicist in California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories, in charge of braking systems for interplanetary rockets. His sister Jeannie does build models and has taken over Stan’s old store, in a new location. The Pinnacle Paint Shop became the source of our equipment and our growing knowledge and skill in the hobby.