The Fleet Bipe was from a good quality kit (Concept Models?), available in two sizes, 56” and 84” . I chose the larger. I had good scale drawings from a chap named Don Anderson, an air Canada Pilot and draughtsman for the Canadian Aviation Historical Society. He drew up accurate plans for many early aircraft. I have copies of all of them, in several scales.

One was for that Fleet. It showed many variants. I modeled mine from a BC machine with a rounded rudder, in the same green and cream colours, and black registration numbers.

The model was equipped with an on board starting system, the first in the area. It was large, to turn over the Quadra, and a toothed gear protruded from the right side of the fuselage, over which I placed a shroud. The remote starter was a minor sensation especially when I snuffed the engine in flight, and re-lit it. I occasionally surprised visitors when I left the plane at a remote corner of the field and started the engine while sitting on a bench behind the pit area. When the Bipe started to roll they assumed it was a fly-away situation. The plane was well detailed , complete with rib stitching, and a scale five cylinder Kinner engine.  I don’t recall who bought it from me but believe it found a home in Sudbury.