The Aviator-Pro was available in many sizes, but only the 110” Giant is still in stock. These models look very much like a SIG Rascal. Mine has a 77” one piece wing, using “traditional” balsa and plywood construction. The various components go together well but are not perfect and take some fitting, similar to other ARF’s I have assembled.

The parts package is poor and many things need replacement. The aileron setup is particularly poor, with control rods attached to the servo arms with pushrod connectors held on with setscrews. I will be bending the control rods 90 degrees and attaching rod keepers.

The other problem I have encountered is the choice of a power plant. Electric would easy, but I am not into 6 cell LiPos. My 4 stroke engines are too long and the cowl won’t fit without moving the firewall back, too much work for a $100 ARF. The instruction book shows a 60 size 2 stroke inverted and it measures to fit, but I don’t have one yet, I ordered an OS 65AX. If I can’t that engine to fit I will mount my 4 stroke and extend the cowl to fit. I do have a new SIG 80” Rascal EG ARF that I might build next so I can see what differences SIG quality makes.

June 10, 2020 – I had to put a Sullivan tail wheel kit on. The metal rod used in the Value Hobby kit rear gear broke when I followed the directions and bend it 90 degrees, it broke about 45 degrees. Control surfaces are all in. Control rods were a problem. The tubes to run the rods in were tight, caused by the ends being cut with dull pliers. One of the tubes had glue inside and I had to use a control rod in my drill to drill out the blockage with the threads. Most of the parts need major fitting adjustments. Not a quick build.

I am presently at the engine and fuel tank installation. The cowl is short and my 4 stroke won’t fit. The way the tank and motor mount are designed an inverted 2 stroke is the only way a fuel engine will work, electric would be much easier. I have chosen an OS 55AX to be my power plant and will see if the cg. works out to be what is in the plans before I mount it up

“till next time, good building, stay safe… Peter

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(photos by Peter Smith)