Laser 200

October 27, 2020

This year I’m scratch building a Lazer 200 (85.5 inch wingspan) designed by Wayne Ulery from the plans in MAN magazine. Everything was cut according to the print – no laser cut parts here! The fuselage is already built, going to build foam ribs, sheeted over with 3/32″ in balsa. The motor will be another RCGF 30 cc gasser. The fiberglass parts are from Fiberglass Specialties.

Next is the wing, as soon as I can put together a jig for hot wire cutting. There will be no servos in the fuselage wing area.

Stay safe, JP

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(photos by JP Gendron)

1/4 Scale Piper Cub J-3

JP Gendron has built a superb 1/4 scale Piper J-3 from the SIG kit purchased from Great Hobbies
Scale:1/4 (25%)
 Radio: ???
Wing span105″
Weight14 – 16 lb (estimated)
Basic constructionBalsa, plywood, spruce
Covering materialSig Koverall
EngineRCGF 30 cc gasser

The project was started in October 2015. To assist with shaping of the leading edge, JP made a template, and carefully removed the material to suit with a 22 in sanding block. Otherwise, he reports the build was quite straight forward. Covering was completed in October 2016 using Sig Koverall also found at Great Hobbies. JP used Stix-it for the perimeter and glued using a Protrim sealing tool. Trimming the Koverall was easy using his wife’s hair spray, no fuzzies or strings – and it smells good too!

To obtain the proper “curvature” of the covering at the fin, the instruction manual advised to cover from top to bottom. JP reluctantly followed the instructions in this case, but would do it the “normal” way (cover from bottom to top) next time!

JP used two coats of Minwax Polycrylic on the Koverall after shrinking to fill the weave.

Clearly thinking of our Annual Float Fly & BBQ, a set of 46″ Sig floats (also from Great Hobbies) are under construction.

Bravo to JP for the excellent workmanship, and we look forward to more photos as construction proceeds!

July 2020

The Cub is now Ready to Fly – except for registration letters and some other details (photos 11 & 12). The engine is now a RCGF 30 cc gasser with canister silencer.

September 10, 2020

Airborne! These photos (photos 13 & 14) were taken on September 10, 2020 – a few flights after the initial one. The model flew right off the board, using a Futaba 7C.

It’s a different experience from the models that I usually fly, but nice, easy, and some of the best landings you could ever want! Its powered by a 30cc RCGF engine  , I put a cannister muffler in it  to get rid of the chainsaw noise, made a great difference, much more pleasant to the eardrums. Now I’ve got the floats glassed up, some sanding and painting ready for the float fly!

Stay safe, JP

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(photos by JP Gendron & Peter Smith)