Stan getting his Titan ready for flight.

Thursday – May 21st

Peter-John Thompson brought his new “DHC-2 Beaver” to our first flying session of the season. We fine tuned the radio install and decided to wait on less wind for the first flight. Be sure to check out the photos of this model during construction in Members Models.

New member Nico McIntosh flew his speedy “Sundowner” and Hangar 9 “P-47 Thunderbolt”.

Mark Primavera and Steve Daly were also in attendance to lend their support.

Thursday – June 4th

Thursday night club flying, photos by Peter Smith.

Sunday – June 7th

Peter-John Thompson’s DHC-2 Beaver made it’s first test flights this morning, and flies as well as it looks. Click here for photos of this model under construction in the Members’ Models menu. (photos by Peter Smith)

Sunday Morning – June 14th

As a special treat, Soo Modeller Terry Mortimore made a flyby in his 1:1 scale home-built RV-6A (photo left). Click here for a photo of this aircraft during construction (Displays & Events 2016).

It was a picture perfect day for flying R/C model aircraft. Eleven “privileged souls” got to breathe fresh country air and enjoy their passion of flying!

All who brought planes got “air time” and we all enjoyed each others company. Another first flight for a “stay at home” model, Steve Daly’s beautiful 1/4 scale Sig Morrisey Bravo was airborne for the first time this morning. Check out the Stay-at-home Models page for photos of this model during the finishing stages.

Lets hope the good weather stays with us all summer.

‘Till next time, stay safe and healthy. Yours truly, the “flyin’ fool”, Cecil

(photos by Peter Smith).

Club Night Thursday – June 18th

A busy session this week, this selection of photos courtesy of Peter Smith.

Club Night Thursday – June 25th

Nine enthusiasts enjoyed the evening doing what they love best: fly R/C model aircraft! It was hot and sunny with “nary” a breeze and just a pleasure to be there! We flew ‘till the sun disappeared over the horizon, which of course brought out the mosquitoes on a “feeding frenzy”!

’Till next time,stay safe and healthy, the ‘flyin’ fool’, Cecil

(photos by Peter Smith).

Sunday morning – June 28th

It was a gorgeous, calm, sunny morning, as a slew of RC aviators adorned the flight line of the Soo Modellers field patiently waiting their turn to take to the sky! Both the spirits of the fliers and the model fuel consumption were high, as we were doing what we love! By early afternoon the sun and high temperatures sent the majority of us home.

Let’s hope the “good weather”continues!

‘Till then, this is the ”flyin’ fool” saying: stay safe, stay healthy! Cecil

(photos by Vanessa Lefebvre).