Written by Cec Marshall

Each year in the springtime, the Soo Modellers host a get together of R/C model airplane enthusiasts from near and far – just for the fun of it!

Here’s a sampling of photos and reports of this event from 2011 thru 2015:


(photos by Peter Smith)


(photos by Peter Smith)


(photos by Peter Smith)


(photos by Peter Smith)

A very impressive flight line.

Oh what a show it was! We had scale planes, not so scale planes, old timers, foamies, scale aerobatic (IMAC) planes, biplanes, electric combat foamies, a twin engine plane, a seaplane, and a turbine powered jet! These ranged in power from nitro, gas, electric, and turbine propulsion.

We had 25 registered pilots including out of town guests: Chris Moes from St.Joseph Island, Ron Roy and Andrew Coholic from Timmins, Gaston Boissoneault and Hugh Harrison from Sudbury, Peter Merkel and Finn Reynolds from North Bay, and Jim (the muffler man) Bisson from Parry Sound, Ontario.

The day went well with food and beverages provided by Myers Munchies. Supper was held at Gino’s Family Resturant.

Two “mishaps”, one minor and one not so minor, caused some excitement during the day. Chris Moes’ transmitter ran out of “electrons” and did funny things to his Pitcairn bipe! On the other hand, Rick OHara’s (aka Harley, aka Clyde) quarter scale Stearman Bipe didn’t fair so well. He lost an aileron servo that put him into the trees causing extensive damage!

I’d like to thank the Soo Modellers for ”pulling together” and making this event a “huge success”. Thanks a bunch everyone!


(Photos by Peter Smith)


2015 – Bagpipes, Birthday Cake, and RC Flying Machines!

Arial view of the flight line.

The Soo Modellers 2015 Upper Great Lakes Yearly (UGLY) Fun-Fly was a HUGE success again this year.

Amanda Jefferys and Tyler Duncan “piped in” the start of the festivities, and we hope this will become a new tradition!

At noontime we honoured our most senior member, Clarence Boyer, by celebrating his 82nd birthday with a chocolate cake and best wishes from all present. Later, Clarence wowed us all by flying… or as he calls it “yahooing”… his Zlin airplane!

Andrew Coholic ,Ron Roy, Garry Tremblay and his wife Fran, and Jeff Cook were here from Timmins. From Sudbury we had Hugh Harrison, Kent Fabbro, and Brendan Grace. We also had Jim “the muffler man” Bisson and another fellow from Parry Sound.

Meyers Munchies kept us in food and drink at noon hour.

As the pictures show we had a wide array of aircraft present, with only a few mishaps during the day, and everyone had a great time!

I would like to thank the Soo Modellers and all the helpers who came together to make the day a success. Thanks Gang!

‘Till next year…


Andrew Coholic from Timmins flies his fire breather (Reaction 54)