Sudbury RC Contest – 1977

Many thanks to Dennis MacKay from Sudbury for the following tid-bits!

The blue and white plane in photo #5 is… I am quite sure… my old Graupner Kwik Fly Mk 3. I had two kits, and still have one that’s a partly built. It was powered by a Webra .61 Black Head with Kavan Carb. A good flyer, but the radio was giving me problems. It was either the Canadian version of the the Yank’s “Orbit” called the, or maybe a Logictrol radio (probably CRC – they were rubbish. – Chris). All I remember is that I had a lot of problems with the radio at that time. I believe my plane ended up being sold to a guy in Kitchener – but I’m not sure.

The Veron Tomtit in photo #7 was built and flown by Ron Daoust and was powered with a Super Tigre .29 two stroke. It was an excellent flyer, very stable and quite aerobatic. Lots of fun when Ron flew it. Note, we both bought kits to the plane, I don’t know what happened to Ron’s plane, but I still have my kit – maybe I will build someday ???.

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SMAC (Sudbury Model Aircraft Club) Fun Fly – 2000

These pictures taken at the SMAC Fun Fly on June 16th, 2000

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Cambrian Fun Fly – 2000

These pictures were taken at the Cambrian R/C Flyers Fun Fly on July 14, 2000 at the club’s field in Chelmsford, Ontario.

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Thessalon Fun Fly – 2002

The 2002 Thessalon Fun-Fly was hosted by K.C. Shaw at the Little Rapids Airport. We loved those Thessalon trips!

On the return trek, we always stopped at the ”Carolyn Beach Motel & Restaurant” on the way home for homemade baked beans and butterscotch pie. Needless to say, the windows of our vehicles were rolled down all the way home!

These pictures were taken at the Fun Fly on June 8th, 2002. Have you ever seen such a happy group of aeromodellers?

Northern Ontario IMAC Challenge – 2004

First NOIC Contest in Sudbury (Cambrian Field) on July 31st & August 1st, 2004.

(Photos by Cec Marshall)