Field Director(s)

a) The Field Director(s) shall manage and maintain the Flying Site. i.e. grass cutting, snow removal, etc.

b) The Field Director(s) have the sole responsibility for maintenance of the field and the clubs field equipment such as the tractors.

c) The Field Director(s) shall have as large a budget on demand from the treasurer as required to maintain the equipment and to cover day to day expenses without tying up their own funds.

d) The Field Director(s) shall be the sole holders of keys to the garage, and shall be the sole users of the equipment particularly the tractors unless they see fit to ask for help on occasion.

e) If work parties are required the Field Director(s) may put out a request for help from the members or ask the secretary to do so.

f) Field maintenance which is dictated by the weather takes priority to flying, and the timing is decided by the Field Director(s)

g) There shall be no flying while maintenance of the flying surface is under way.

Safety Director(s)

a) The Safety Director(s) shall monitor the competency of all pilots and instructors in the Club.

b) The Safety Director(s) shall review if required the flying privileges of any member pilot and visiting pilot.

c) The Safety Director(s) shall investigate and report to the Executive Committee any incidents that occur at the flying site. i.e. safety infractions, crashes, midairs, flyaways.

d) The Safety Director(s) shall ensure that all pilots adhere to the directives of the Executive Committee as to the competency of any pilot and enforce all flying field standing rules.

Training Director(s)

a) The Training Director(s) have the responsibility of ensuring continuity of the training team, and the flight wings examination procedure and generally supporting the trainers.

b) The Training Director(s) shall work on the team when the group decides policy, training methods, or assigns students to individual instructors.

c) The Training Director(s) must be an Instructor(s)

Events Coordinator(s)

a) The Events Coordinator(s) is responsible for organizing all sanctioned flying events held by the Club.

b) The Events Coordinator(s ) shall canvass local businesses for prize donations.

c) The Events Coordinator(s) must ensure MAAC head office has been advised of all scheduled club events in a timely manner.