This certifies that MAAC has reauthorized SAULT STE MARIE MODEL AIRPLANE RADIO CONTROL CLUB [Club 86, Zone F]

To operate the following categories of models: mRPAS, RPAS, Control Line, and Surface Models

At or from the following location: LEIGH’S BAY ROAD (Land-based RC on municipal land (i.e. parks, etc.)) – within 0.5nm of 46° 30′ 49.70″ N, 84° 25′ 27.70″ W
This authorization is contingent upon all members who use this site following the applicable Canadian Aviation Regulations, local laws, and all MAAC, Club or event rules. MAAC provides the following direction:

This site is in Sault Ste Marie Airport (CYAM) Class D Control Zone controlled airspace.

All RPAS must conform with the MAAC Safety assurance/manufacturer declaration policy or another manufacturer’s safety assurance/manufacturer declaration.

All pilots responsible for RPAS operation must have an Advanced RPAS operator certificate.

All pilots responsible for RPAS operation must receive approval from NAV CANADA using NAV DRONE.

This site has been approved for mRPAS (sub-250gram) and RPAS operation in accordance with the approved
site rules. Clear procedures in the event of a lateral or vertical flyaway outside the approved flying area must
be included in club rules, with the contact information for Air Traffic Services (CYAM ATC) prominently
displayed at the site. (CAR 901.15 – opens in new window).

Any changes to club rules or procedures upon which this authorization was issued must be sent to MAAC.

CAR compliance remains an individual responsibility.

This authorization is valid until the SAULT STE MARIE MODEL AIRPLANE RADIO CONTROL CLUB [Club 86, Zone F]
fails to renew their MAAC membership, dissolves, or otherwise does not comply with any MAAC requirements or