25th Annual Bushplane Days Festival

Bushplane Days are back for 2021!  Join us on Saturday, September 18th and Sunday, September19th from 9 am to 5 pm

Head over to Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre website for more information


Soo Modellers Annual Fun Fly

Join us Sunday, September19th for our annual Fun Fly – the public is welcome!

Some of the events for our pilots include:

The Limbo

We will be putting up two posts and streamers and you will have to fly as low as you can go underneath and then we will move the streamers down a little bit at a time. Once everybody in the category has gone for their turn and then will do it one more time lowering the bar 5 feet from the original height and then if anybody does not want to continue well we can move onto the next or we can have a final three and we will get a winner.

Cut the next guy streamer have some fun try not to kill anybody there airplanes

Bomber run
Bomber run is we put a cup on the top or bottom of your airplane with a streamer and a small piece of lead and you will have to get it closest to the Center of a large circle that we will have painted on the field.

freestyle will be we put a song on the PA and you fly 2 minutes of the song the get judged on the flight

Most scale flight
You will do a flight with an airplane of your choice and you have to follow what the full size airplane would do a scale as possible example.space if I have a B-17 and I’m flying along I’m not gonna do a loop or a roll and my landing in taking off are going to be very long and the tail is not going to touch the ground on landing until after it has fully lost speed on takeoff I’m not going to takeoff into metres because the B-17 never took off into metres

Scale aerobatics
iMAC but only with basic and sportsman categories and the routine will be chosen the night before