Member's Models

Click on the photos below to learn more about the wide variety of models built by club members over the years.
The most recent updates are at the top of the list.


JP's Piper Laser 200 & J-3 "Cub"

JP Gendron's latest project is a Laser 200 - Now under construction! 85.5" wing span.

 (updated October 26, 2020)


steve daly

Steve Daly's Scale Masterpieces

 A sampling of the many scale aircraft by expert builder, skilled pilot, and long time club member Steve Daly.

(updated October 17, 2020)


steve daly

Craig's Lanier Stinger II and Great Planes Escapade Mx ARFs

Craig Knight's latest flying machines - ready to fly for the 2020 flying season.

(updated October 7, 2020)



Clarence Boyer's Antonov An-2 and Junkers Ju-87B "Stuka"

Clarence Boyer's scratch built scale Antonov An-2 (2013) and his latest project - a huge Ju-87B Stuka

(updated July 13, 2020)



Peter-John's DHC-2 Beaver

Peter-John Thompson was busy during "stay-at-home" guidelines in the spring of 2020, and built a beuatiful version of this iconic airplane.

(updated June 14, 2020)



Peter Smith's Aviator Pro 60 ARF

Peter Smith is presently "assembling" a Value Hobby Aviator Pro 60.

(updated June 10, 2020)


steve daly

Earl's 1/4 scale Piper J-2 "Cub"

Earl Turner is working on yet another Piper Cub - the largest (and most detailed) one yet!

(updated May 3, 2020)



Mark's Telemasters

Mark Primavera's Sr. Telemaster made it's first flight in 2015, and was a regular performer at the field during the summer of 2016. In the spring of 2020, he had two new Telemasters on the go!

(updated April 10, 2020)



Cecils' Models

An exclusive peek at just a few of the many flying machines we discovered in Cec Marshall's old photo albums.


Terry's Stolp Starlet

Terry Mortimore's Stolp Starlet first flew in 2008


Paul's Models

A small sampling of the late Paul Butcher's collection of outstanding models.
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