Best videos of 2016

 grandview 1

Indoor Flying at Grandview Public School

A smaller venue this year than our previous gym, but has not curbed the enthusiasm for indoor flying! This video was recorded at Grandview Public School on January 22, 2016.

 ring wing

Indoor micro annular wing, Sumos, and Edge 540 at Grandview

Highlights of our indoor flying session at Grandview Public School on February 26, 2016.

 indoor fpv

Indoor FPV

George & Chris try flying FPV indoors for first time, and show much improvement after practice.
Camera is BangGood FPV AIO 600TVL 170 Degree mini Camera.and viewed through goggles or video monitor.


Indoor Flying at Parkland

Indoor flying fun at Parkland Public School on April 8th, 2016


Fun Fly 2016

Video clips taken at the "Upper Great Lakes Yearly" (UGLY) Fun Fly on June 18th.

 float fly

Float Fly & BBQ - 2016

Highlights of our first every Float Fly and BBQ on September 10th. What a blast!




Indoor Flying - Season 11

Highlights of the first half of Season 11 - November & December 2016



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