Best videos of 2011 - 2013

shaw 2011

2011 - Shaw TV Promotional Video


indoor control line

2012 - Indoor Control Line

Although the Soo Modellers fly mostly RC, we had great fun in February of 2012 flying electric control line in the gym, and several modellers tried their hand at this most unusual form of indoor flying.  

fun fly 2012

Fun Fly 2012 - View from the Cockpit

View from the cockpit of Chris Moes' DH 34 biplane during the Fun Fly of 2012

hangar rat

2013 - Hangar Rat

Although the Soo Modellers' main interest area is Radio Control, free flight (and even control line!) flying models have appeared in the gym on occassion.
The Hangar Rat is just about as simple as flying models get - just a few sticks of balsa, tissue paper, wire, and a strip of tightly wound of rubber. No batteries, fuel, or fancy electronics required!

bugs 3

2013 - Airbugs Part 3 - Introducing the Bugcam!

Recorded at the regular weekly indoor session on November 10, 2013 
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