Video of the Week - Indoor World Championship 2017 Gernot Bruckmann

State-of-the-art in F3P Indoor Aerobatics flown by one of the world finest RC pilots. Awesome flying site!

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Nov 12th- Flying Models, Britain Late 1940's

Back to archives again this week - when miniature receivers were less than 8 ounces in weight and we see the pattern of the future as she flies radio control through the skies!



Nov 5th- How to build a RC plane in 4 minutes flat

Nice time lapse of the construction of a traditional 'stick & tissue' model.



Oct 29th- Wen-Mac 1966 TV Ads

Roger Ramjet here... Wen-Mac was not as popular as Cox back in the sixties. Both offered similar "ready-to-fly" .049 powered models.



Oct 22nd - Indoor Control line - F2B Practice Flight

An interesting form of indoor flying. This guy has been practicing!



Oct 15th- 1:1 scale RC Glider

Full points for "realism in flight" are assured at 1:1 scale! Electric powered.



Oct 8th- Electric planes are here!

With model aviators taking the lead (as usual) with the use of electric power, the world of "full size" aviation is catching on fast! Aircraft shown is an "Extra 330LE" which holds 2 world records.



Oct 1st - Inter-Ex 2017 -crazy, strange & funny...

Highlights of this annual event from France. Thanks to Gray in the UK for the video link!



Sept 24th - The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Someone on the story writing side of "The Man U.N.C.L.E." must like model airplanes, as seen in this clip from November, 1965. Yes folks, that's young David McCallum (as Illya Kuryakin) attempting to stop the villain from launching the deadly toy!



Sept 17th - Top 10 Strangest RC Aircraft

There's been some recent discussion about the possibilities for something "different" for indoors this season. Some inspiration here...


Sept 10th - Oily Hands Diesel Day 2017 - Saturday

Day one (last Saturday) of this unique annual Australian event. All types of flying models - R/C, freeflight, and C/L are flown.