Video of the Week - Progress Aero Works (PAW) diesel engines

A short tour of the shop in the UK where they still build "vintage" PAW diesel engines. Built with care the "old fashioned" way - each engine is test run before delivery!
Click here for their website.



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Feb 9th - First flight of DC-3 RC 1/8 scale

A beautiful scale airplane, skilled pilot, gorgeous scenery, and a well produced video. What more can you ask for?


Feb 2nd - Fast Nitro R/C motorbike

A great deal oI skill and lots of practice are needed to drive one of these. The electrics may be a little faster, but the sound and smoke of nitro power can't be beat!


Jan 26th - 1/8 scale Supermarine Southampton

An ambitious project with an insane level of scale detailand a fine flyer too!


Jan 19th - The Whippeteer's 3rd Trimming flight

A fine flying R/C Autogyro - stable across a wide speed range.

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Jan 12th - The fight of mini robots in Japan

mini "Battlebots" - Japanese style!



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Jan 5th - Discus Launch Glider (DLG) - Indoors!

So you think the Northern Community Centre's indoor soccer pitch is large? Check out this venue!


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Dec 29, 2019 - Clik R2 F3P Formation Aerobatics

Over the past few weeks, George and I have been practicing "formation" flying with our Cliks. It is insanely difficult. Here's how it is supposed to be