Video of the Week - Turbine jet float planes

Who will be first to fly one of these at Leigh's Bay? Smoke on the Water!

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Feb 11 - LEA 26 Nov 2017

We featured Léa as our video of the week a couple years ago. She's back! This time in the back seat of her dad's Yak-52. Watch this video - smiles are guaranteed!



Feb 2nd - Bf 109 50 % - Hervé Ferauche

The "rivet counters" may notice a few minor deviations from scale, but an impressive project nonetheless!


heli s

Jan 28th - The Beginning Of Nitro Heli

Still dungeon crawling in the film vault this week, but we managed to fast forward by 22 years to 1956, with a glimpse at the very beginning of rotary wing model technology!


atom s

Jan 21st - Mighty Atom model airplane engine 1934

Back into the vintage film vault again this week, and a rare look at early model aero engine assembly.


bergen s

Jan 14th - Indoor flying at bildøyhallen (Norway)

It's a bigger hall than ours, but the sights and sounds very familiar to indoor flyers here in the Soo, despite being on the other side of the Atlantic! Like us, they seem quite adept at "net shots". Humourous ending. Enjoy!


wonder woman

Jan 7th - Hand Launch Glider - F1N Ludbreg (Croatia)

Hand launch gliders (HLG) predate all other forms of flying models. Here is a modern competition version, referred to nowadays as F1N. This is an example of a model built, trimmed, and flown by an expert. Many years of dedication are required to achieve this level of performance!


wonder woman

Jan 1st - Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane (1975)

The passenger seat of Wonder Woman's invisible plane converts to a stretcher for medivac service, and Steve thinks he's died and gone to heaven!