Video of the Week - Top 10 Strangest RC Aircraft

There's been some recent discussion about the possibilities for something "different" for indoors this season. Some inspiration here...

Previous Videos of the Week


Sept 10th - Oily Hands Diesel Day 2017 - Saturday

Day one (last Saturday) of this unique annual Australian event. All types of flying models - R/C, freeflight, and C/L are flown.

control line

Sept 3rd - Control line aerobatics (F2B) by Igor Burger

Last week, your webmaster demonstrated how NOT to fly control line. World Champion Igor Burger shows how it's done! The videotraces show the incredible precision with which these manourvres are performed.

drone factory

Aug 27th - Inside a Drone Factory in China

A bit longer than our regular fare, this week we share an entertaining and enlightening glimpse at a typical Chinese drone factory, with lots of interesting outtakes. Well worth watching!!!


Aug 20th - Scale Model Aircraft

Vintage film of the making of display model aircraft - as seen at travel agencies and airline companies around the world!


Aug 13th - Giant Gotha P.60A With Twin Turbines

Erik van den Hoogen flies his sratch built all-wing fighter at the Model Airshow of MFC-Hurlach 2017. For more info on the prototype (which was never built) click here.


Aug 6th - FT Viggen - First test flights & a special landing

Webmaster's latest - the FT Viggen with 50mm EDF. Great flyer, but don't let the nose get too high at low speed!


July 30th - CTV Northern Ontario - NOIC 2017

MCTV Coverage of the Northern Ontario IMAC Challenge held recently in Sudbury - starring none other than our very own Craig Knight!

mark's radian!

July 23rd - Flite Fest East 2017 Sneak Peek

Mark Primavera's Radian glider captured on video while competing in streamer combat at Flite Fest East 2017!!!   Mark's sequence starts at 4:40 seconds. Watch the delta wing aircraft zing by and catch a piece his ribbon!

duck family

July 16th - Jupiter Duck Family

And now... at the opposite end of the scale... a whole family of Jupiter Ducks! Your webmaster hopes to have his "Jupiter Duck 150" ready for the upcoming Float Fly!