Video of the Week - Flite Fest East 2017 Sneak Peek

It doesn't get better than this folks...
Mark Primavera's Radian glider captured on video while competing in streamer combat at Flite Fest East 2017!!!   Mark's sequence starts at 4:40 seconds. Watch the delta wing aircraft zing by and catch a piece his ribbon!
mark's radian!

Previous Videos of the Week

duck family

July 16th - Jupiter Duck Family

And now... at the opposite end of the scale... a whole family of Jupiter Ducks! Your webmaster hopes to have his "Jupiter Duck 150" ready for the upcoming Float Fly!

albany seaplane

July 9th - Albany Seaplane

To get everyone in the mood for the upcoming Float Fly!

lego spit

July 2nd - LEGO 1:12 Spitfire

Does everything but fly! Thanks to Tony at PMFC for the link.


June 25th - Northern Ontario Zone Fun Fly - 2017

Highlights of the event held at the Soo Modellers flying site on Saturday, June 24th!

ds s

June 11th - Big Fun Race 2016 RC Boat Danau Sunter

RC powerboat racing is popular around the world. This annual event in Indonesia has seven different classes which compete at a "purpose built" facility. Too bad you can't hear the scream of the tuned pipes in this video, but is mostly recorded from a "drone's eye" viewpoint!

ds s

June 4th - Dynamic Soaring at 505 mph

"Dynamic Soaring" is a little known RC interest group, and there are only a handful of places in the world where you can do this. By repeatedly crossing the boundary layer between the "windy" and "less windy" sides of the slope, very high speeds can be achieved.

blender s

May 28th - Freestyle Masters UK - Blender Breaker

On full size aircraft, it is standard practice to meticulously attach the covering to the framework with stitching or other mechanical means. Here's why!