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With stay-at-home guidlines in effect, what better time to BUILD! BUILD! BUILD!
Several Soo Modellers have projects on the go, and have sent photos of their work in progress. Keep 'em coming, guys!

Craig Knight's Lanier Stinger II ARF

May 31 2020 - Craig is presently assembling a Lanier Stinger II ARF. Power will be an ASP .61 FS. For ailerons he chose Bluebird BMS385DMAX servos (photo right).Mini digital, metal gear. Same torque on 4.8 volts as S3004 on 6v.

(photos by Craig Knight)      



Greg Farish's Four-Star 20

April 23, 2020 - A member of Soo Modellers many years ago, Greg now flies with the Far Valley MFC during summer months, and was a regular at our indoor sessions. With his Chticat finished at last, Greg can now focus on his  Sig Four-Star 20 - to be powered by a vintage O.S. Max .25.  As the owner of a "1:1 scale" Beechcraft Muskateer, Greg has a soft spot for this aircraft, and the colour scheme for this model is based on the CT-134 - the RCAF trainer version.
Thus, we join his project now underway, and ready for cover.
April 28, 2020 - Added photos of trial fitting of servos & engine (photos 3 & 4)
May 3, 2020 - Covering in progress - (photo #5)
May 31, 2020 - It's starting to look the part now! - (photos 6 & 7)

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(photos by Greg Farish)


Steve Daly's 1/4 Scale Bellanca Cruisemaster

May 5, 2020
While waiting for better weather to paint the Bravo (below), I have started my next project - a Bellanca Cruisemaster from Jerry Bates Plans.
The Cruisemaster 14-19-2 is a four place taildragger that was designed and built in the mid 1950’s. It was made primarily of wood and covered with fabric and it had retractable landing gear that retracted aft into the wing. The 230 hp version was fast and could cruise at 180mph. There are still many still flying today in the world.
My model will be ¼ scale and will be powered by the same engine that’s in the Bravo, a Saito 36FG.
More later,  Steve

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(photos by Steve Daly)

For a glimpse at Steve's handiwork over the years, be sure to visit: Steve Daly's Scale Masterpieces

Steve Daly's 1/4 Scale Sig Morrisey Bravo

March 28, 2020 - Just thought I’d share an update on my Bravo since she’s almost ready for paint. This is a Sig kit that’s been discontinued for years now. I picked it up on RC Canada awhile back and decided to start building it last year..It will be powered by a Saito G-36 (gasser) turning an 18x6 glass prop.
I tried the MinWax method with 1 oz glass on the forward fuse and am pleased with the result. Its nice because its odorless and can be used indoors. The fin, stabilizer, ailerons and flaps also are covered the same way. The aft fuse is covered with white Solartex , The wings are covered with Sig Coverall which is also finished with MinWax(about five coats) ..not shown.
I added a full cockpit, it has tandem seating with dual controls. Added an access panel for switches for main, ignition, nav/strobe/landing lights, and refueling.
I haven’t decided on going with the scale paint scheme or not. Should I ?Just getting the primer paint on
Anyways once this virus thing is over I hope to test fly this and see you all there at the field.:)
April 8 2020 - More progress...   I just finished adding the fin to the fuse, then I added a fillet where the tape is located. Next is the stab, so I mounted the main wing to line things up.
You can see the paint I have on the table - I’m going with Polytone paint. So it will be a coat of white, then a coat of Diana Cream, with Tennesse Red trim colours . The original full size homebuilt was all silver, and then when Hazel Sig bought it it she painted it white with red trim. So I’ll paint it a little different.
May 5, 2020 - The fuselage, ailerons, flaps, and wheel pants have been painted Diana Cream (photo #8). I still have the wings to do yet. Then I’ll add the red trim colours. This project is presently "on-hold" waiting for decent painting, so I got started on my next model... SEE ABOVE
More later…Steve

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(photos by Steve Daly)

Peter Smith's Aviator Pro 60 ARF

May 5 2020 - I am presently "assembling" a Value Hobby Aviator Pro 60 ARF. Despite the description "Almost Ready to Fly", there is more work than you might expect before this type of model is made airworthy.
The Aviator-Pro was available in many sizes, but only the 110” Giant is still in stock. These models look very much like a SIG Rascal. Mine has a 77” one piece wing, using "traditional" balsa and plywood construction. The various components go together well but are not perfect and take some fitting, similar to other ARF’s I have assembled.
The parts package is poor and many things need replacement. The aileron setup is particularly poor, with control rods attached to the servo arms with pushrod connectors held on with setscrews. I will be bending the control rods 90 degrees and attaching rod keepers.
The other problem I have encountered is the choice of a power plant. Electric would easy, but I am not into 6 cell LiPos. My 4 stroke engines are too long and the cowl won’t fit without moving the firewall back, too much work for a $100 ARF. The instruction book shows a 60 size 2 stroke inverted and it measures to fit, but I don’t have one yet, I ordered an OS 65AX. If I can’t that engine to fit I will mount my 4 stroke and extend the cowl to fit. I do have a new SIG 80” Rascal EG ARF that I might build next so I can see what differences SIG quality makes.
"till next time, good building, stay safe...  Peter

aviator 01

(photo by Peter Smith)    

Earl Turner's 1/4 Scale Piper J-2 "Cub"

April 3, 2020 - This model is being built from the 1/4 scale Balsa USA J-3 kit, modified into the earlier J-2 variant. It will be finished to match the one I flew as a teenager.
The Engine is a Saito 1.25 four-stroke. Dummy cylinders on the left side are from Top Notch Products A-65 kit. I still have to make the eyebrow for it. The landing gear assembly is from Hangar 9.
With the weather now warming up, construction of the wing will proceed in the garage.
April 13, 2020 - Added photos of C-G location and wing struts
April 21, 2020 - Added photos of door
April 23, 2020 - Added photos of cockpit interior
May 3, 2020 - Added photos of dummy engine cooling eyebrow (#17 & 18). It's all in the details!
'Till next time, Earl

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(photos by Earl Turner)

beau 72

Chris Moes' 1/12 Scale Bristol Beaufighter

April 13, 2020 -   I've always liked the aggressive looks of the
Bristol Beaufighter. Peter Smith says it reminds him of a British bull dog, and I agree! Several variants were produced during WW2 and served in a wide variety of roles. Its ground attack capabilty was legendary, but could also drop bombs, launch torpedos, and fire rockets. It was large enough to carry the bulky & heavy air-to-air radar equipment of the day (plus operator!) and was especailly successful as a night fighter.
The Beaufighter has also been on my "wanna build" list for a long time. I considered it during my design days at Traplet (R/C Model World), but is more complex that your average "slab-sider", and is a "design-as-you-go" model with many details to be worked out during construction. That said, it can take as much time to produce a useable and error-free drawing as the model itself, so I put the project off until "another day".
1/72 Airfix plastic model used as Scale Reference                 
To be continued...
April 21, 2020 - Added photos of nacelles in progress (#6 & #7)
April 23, 2020 - Thanks to Peter Smith for this video link of a Beaufighter on a most unusual mission: Daring Solo Beaufighter Raid - Paris 1942
April 27 & May 3, 2020 - Added photos of nacelle planking in progress (#8 & #9)

Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the captions.

(photos by Chris Moes)

For a peek into Chris' dusty old photo album of models from years gone by, see: Moes' Models

Mark Primavera's Jr. Telemaster & Telemaster 40

April 10, 2020 - Here are a few photos of my projects. I have quite a few on the go and will end up with a fleet of Telemasters!
  1. Junior Telemaster, scratch build with OS 0.25 glow engine. Plans available on Outerzone here.
  2. Telemaster 40 scratch build, pink foam wing construction with OS FS-48 four-stroke glow engine. Plans available on Outerzone here.

Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the captions.

(photos by Mark Primavera)

For photos of Mark's larger version of this model, see >>> Mark's Senior Telemaster
Mark has also been experimenting with a Land Yacht - for when it's too windy to fly. Click here for the video:  R/C Land Yacht - First Try
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