Spring Fever - 2014


May 24th & 25th

These pictures were taken by Peter Smith and Craig Knight on the weekend of May 24th and 25th - both beautiful sunny spring days, and only a week after the opening of our flying site for the season. The field is still very wet and too soft for the lawn tractors, and the grass is growing like crazy!

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Club Night Thursday - May 29th

This year (2014), the club initiated "Club Night Thursdays" - to be held each week from 6:30 pm until dusk (weather permitting). Originally intended as a get-together for instructors and students, the "event' quickly grew into much more than this - as many members planned their R/C flying activity around Thursday evenings. What a great success! We had so much more participation this year than ever before, with members knowing that on Thursday evenings, the club's flying site was the place to be!
For our first session, the flying weather was absolutely perfect. There was an excellent turnout and a wide variety of flying machines - as seen in this superb set of photos by Peter Smith.

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First Flight of the Apprentice - June 1st

A regular at the gym during the indoor season, Terry Bariciak completed his first outdoor training session at the field on Sunday morning with his all foam E-flite Apprentice 15e. I had my doubts about a light foam trainer with the wind we get and the longer grass, but after today, I’m a believer! This plane has lots of power and handles the wind quite well (see wind sock in the photos below!)
We did all the preliminary checks and buddy box set-up, then I took it up for the “maiden” flight. It only needed a couple of clicks of down trim to have it flying hands off.

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I did all the take-offs and the first landing - because of the strong wind.,Terry did his own landings after that. I never once had to take over from him because of lack of control. I did take over at times, to show him what I wanted him to do and how to do it. He’s a good listener and a “quick study"!


(all photos by Mark Bariciak - aka Dad)

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