Fall Colours - 2014


Club Night Thursday - September 18th

After a couple of weeks of lousy weather, and the "official" end of Club Night Thursdays on the calendar, there was clear proof this week that he there's no stopping a good thing! The Soo Modellers gathered at the field again this week for some fall flying fun!

(photo by Craig Knight)



Club Night Thursday - September 25th

The weather was great, and another Club Night Thursday saw new members getting training sessions in. With the early sunset, members are getting to the field very early.
Tonight saw new members Larry, Joe (photo right), and Fred getting in some late season training. Also flying until dusk were Stan P., Steve M., Cecil, Brad, and Dave. Craig helped Cec with training duties and had his big Extra for a final (?) flight of the season.


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(photos by Peter Smith)


Friday, September 26th 

The flying weather was superb, so Cecil and Chris started the weekend early - by flying each others' planes on Friday afternoon!  Yes, Cecil got some stick time on my new 1/4 midget racer, and was brave enough to let me fly his 50cc gasser. What a thrill! We managed to snap a few photos - including the latest 'high altitude' recon photos taken high above the field.

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(photos by Cec Marshall & Christian Moes)



Sunday, September 28th

The Soo Modellers took full advantage of the summer like temperatures, brilliant sunshine and calm conditions (read: perfect flying weather) and our beautiful flying site was put to good use throughout the day!
And speaking of the flying site... A big THANK YOU to our hard working 'all volunteer' maintenance crew - the field has never looked better!

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(photos by Peter Smith)

Sunday, October 12th

Finally with a break in the weather, three hearty souls, Dave, Rino, and me, ventured onto a wet spongy flying field for one more RC aviation adventure of the season!
Dave had his small gasser out but was still plagued with problems - this time it was the fuel tank...  “With a little help from his friends”, the problem was resolved, only to have the carb fuel fitting snap off on reassembly! What’s that saying? “If it wasn’t for bad luck,he'd have no luck at all..."
I had a newly acquired plane out for its first flight. Don’t ask me what it's called - ‘cause I don’t know! Hence,I call it "What-is-it”. It was scratch built, has a double tapered foam core wing, and a long nose moment. It’s powered by an OS 61 FX and weighs 8 lb 14 oz RTF.
With shaky knees I taxied out between the puddles, pointed it into the wind, advanced the throttle, and “by gosh” it lifted off! It flew as if it were "on rails” with only some “up trim” required.  I put it though its paces to see if it had any bad tendencies and found none! Although it's not a “floater”, landing was no problem and it settled in easily! As ugly as it is, I think I’ll keep it as a “conversation piece”!
See ‘ya all in the gym!

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(photos by Cec Marshall)

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