August - 2014

Saturday, August 2nd

Excellent flying weather again today - warm, sunny, and no wind. Peter Smith flew his Carl Goldberg Protégé equipped with a 4-stroke OS FS 91. Although no pictures were taken of his own plane, he took some awesome photos of his club-mates in action!

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Sunday, August 3rd

An excellent turnout at the field again this Sunday morning - with highlights of the action courtesy of Peter Smith!

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aug 01


Club Night Thursday - August 7th

Again this week, the Soo Modellers took full advantage of the perfect flying weather, and flew, flew, flew... from 6:30 'till dusk.
Pat flew his O.S. Max 15 powered Stik and somewhat larger profile job. In flight, the Stik was too fast for my camera, but I managed a shot of the profile job – which wasn’t easy either, as it always seemed to be doing loops, rolls, or a combination thereof.
Cec (our regular contributor) was busy tuning engines, teaching students, and fulfilled a role of no less importance... the supplier of bug spray! He even found time for a couple of fine flights with his Aeroworks Edge 540. Other highlights included Stan’s Aviastar and some very smooth aerobatics by Dave with his 50cc Edge. Brad had several superb flights with his Kadet Senior – it’s a beautiful flyer...
Craig had technical issues with his “gassie” aerobat– which prevented it from flying– but managed some stick time (as did Terry M.) with my new Skygipsy Twin camera plane as the sun went down -  "shooting the moon" – as seen in our lead photo this week!
Next stop... "Country Style"... for hot coffee, some serious hangar flying, and the end to a perfect evening!
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(photos by Christian Moes)


Sunday, August 10th

A flawless Sunday morning at the field.
Flyers included Pat, Craig, Rino, Stan P., Brad, Mark, Fred, Garth, Matt Dunlop and wife Rhona, Cecil, and Joe. All pilots put in multiple flights from 9am ‘till 1pm.
As usual, Terry was busy instructing and putting Fred through his paces. After Fred was done, I let Terry and Rino fly my 50cc Edge 540. It was the first time for both of them flying a 50cc aerobatic plane - I think they enjoyed it!
By 1 pm the heat was brutal, so we packed it in. You know the old saying, ”only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun”.
‘Till next time, keep your wings level and your wheels down!

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(photos by Cec Marshall)

Sunday, August 17th

A busy flightline again today, and another excellent set of photos courtesy of Mark Primavera.

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Club Night Thursday - August 21st

The word is out... the Soo Modellers club field is the place to be Thursday evenings!
We had a special guest this week all the way from Soo Lookout. Nathan Crosby, who flies for the MNR, flew their Twin Otter into the Sault airport for some maintenance, and... having heard about Club Night Thurdays, stopped in at the field to see what it was all about. Nathan took up my Kadet LT40 and showed us how a “full scale pilot” does it... That Kadet didn’t know it was a “trainer” when Nathan got through with it!
We had a full compliment of pilots and students with Terry M. and myself as the instructors. I took Larry up for two looong flights while Terry helped Fred guide his new J3 Cub through the air.
As usual, after dusk,the pilots moved to the “coffee shop” to end another fun evening.
‘Till next time,see ‘ya at the field!

(photos by Cec Marshall)

aug-04Sunday, August 24th

The day was a mix of sun and cloud with a stiff SSE wind but that didn’t stop our “die hard” pilots from flying - No way!
Terry M. was busy putting Larry and Fred through their paces, while I was helping out setting up new models. Steve Dew was helping Rino set up his new 50cc ZDZ powered Extra 260 aerobat while I helped Stan P. set up and “maiden” his new electric. It sure is a sweet flier!
We had a potential new member, Robert Dorazioo, try his hand at flying Terry's Kadet LT40 trainer! It won’t take him long... he’s “hooked”!
All in all it was a fun day at the field! Dang, that coffee shop is calling my name...
’Till next time, Cec

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(photos by Mark Primavera)

aug 02

Club Night Thursday - August 28th

It was beautiful flying weather again this week. With the evenings getting shorter, the Soo Modellers got an early start, and the air was buzzing with RC airplanes long before the official 'start time' of 7:00 pm.
The attendance just keeps growing, with a wide variety of models airborne non-stop until the sun went down. The two instructors present (Cec and Terry) were busy as usual, and students Fred, Larry, and Joe Grasley all got some stick time. Bravo to Joe - who made his first complete flight - from takeoff to landing with his Apprentice 15e and without any assistance by his instructor Cec.
Chris rekindled memories (and amazed newcomers) with his .049 powered Anzani Longster, although he will need to adjust the needle valve a bit leaner next time to improve the climb rate! New member Robert Dorazioo got some stick time on Chris's (electric) Rebel Too - and was soon doing graceful right and left turns high above the field in the fading light.
Other highlights included Nathaniel's demonstration of crow landings (ailerons raised, flaps lowered) with his well worn Radian and some 3D craziness with his Crack Turbo Beaver. Dave made several flights with his Edge 540, and reports that the engine is breaking in nicely. He's also become a pro at one-wheel landings!
Our photos this week are (mostly) courtesy of Peter Smith, who also supplied the extremely rare photo seen above - showing his planes earlier in the day. The Carbon Cub had 5 flights (3 to trim) while his Carl Goldberg Protégé waits it's turn.
Until next time,

Photos by Peter Smith - except #1 (C. Marshall) and #10 (C. Moes)

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