Our newest pilots

It is essential that all pilots operate their R/C model aircraft in a safe and competent manner.
Student pilots must fly under the guidance of an instructor until they demonstrate the ability to independently fly a model aircraft safely and with a reasonable degree of control. There should be no doubt that in the case of an emergency, the pilot could land or save the plane without causing injury to persons or damage to property.
When this skill level is achieved and demonstrated, student pilots receive their "Wings" - at which time they can fly without the aid of an instructor.
The first known photograph of a Soo Modeller receiving their "Wings" dates from way back in 1979 - and is of none other than club prez Craig Knight. Click on the pilot's wings (right) for a sneak peek...
With the advent of this website, our instructors have promised to provide a photo of each new pilot taken on the day they acheive their "Wings". Enjoy!

vanassa 02

August 20, 2017 - Vanessa Lefebvre

Instructors Steve Dew and Craig Knight presented Vanessa with her wings this morning, having passed her test on a soggy wet field.
Congratulations Vanessa!

(photo by Brad Newstead)      


September 28, 2014 - Terry Bariciak

Under the expert guidance of Sr. Instructor Cec Marshall (photo left), Terry soon learned and demonstrated his flying prowess with both his electric Apprentice 15E and Cecil's I.C. powered Kadet LT-40.
Congratulations Terry! We'll see you in the gym this winter!
The two Terrys: Mr. Bariciak and Mr. Mortimore (Chief Instructor)

(photos by Peter Smith)


August 5th, 2014 - Brad Newstead

Congratulations to Brad, who demonstrates complete mastery of his Kader Senior - as seen in this 'picture perfect' landing recorded a few weeks later (Click on the image left to see the video).
Left to right: Brad, Terry Mortimore (Chief Instructor), Craig Knight (Club President).


July 24th, 2014 - Mark Primavera

Mark earned his Wings with an E-flite Radian, and is seen below (left) with instructor Terry Mortimore (right). Bravo!
We are very fortunate to have Mark's superb photos appear on our website from time to time - Keep 'm coming, Mark!


June 21st, 2014

We are especially proud of Amanda Jeffreys: the first new pilot to achieve her "Wings" in 2014 - and the first Soo Modeller (ever!) to do so during a Fun Fly!

Congratulations, Amanda!!!

Seen here with a big smile and flanked by her instructor (and proud father) Meurwyn (left) and chief instructor Terry Mortimore (right).

(photo by Peter Smith)

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