Float Fly & BBQ - 2017

Less than 2 weeks 'till the 2nd Annual Float Fly & BBQ - Saturday August 5th, 2017‎.
Up for grabs is the prestigious "Spectacular Splash Award". Our own Craig Knight came close to getting it last year, but not quite.
MAAC membership is required. All forms of watercraft are welcome. Anyone have a R/C rescue boat?
Start times:
  1. 7:30 am - Early bird start time for electrics - best chance for calm air and glassy water.
  2. 9:00 am - Start time for gasers and slimers - to comply with noise regs.
  3. Coffee will be available when it arrives, and the food sometime around at noon.
The BBQ menu will be similar to last year, so bring your appetite.
There is no rain date. Saturday is the day, rain or shine! If it's too windy or rainy to fly, we'll at least have a BBQ and tell a whole bunch of lies and other stories.
If your name is not yet on this list, it's not too late to register, just contact us if you plan to attend and what aircraft you will be bringing (we're curious :).
Here is the current list of participants and planes. See you there!
Terry Bariciak
Apprentice on floats
Julian, Joshua & Nicholas   
Apprentice on floats - maybe...
Greg Farish
Durafly Tundra, UMX J-3 Cub
George Federley
Timber, Seawind, Sea Duck (whatever will fit in the car!)
Doc and Kathryn Campana
Steve Daly
1/4 scale Super Cub, Seamaster (maybe)
Ian Dunlop
Sea Duck, Simple Cub
Matt Dunlop
Sea Duck
Larry Greco
Chief cook and bottle washer
Craig Knight
PBY Catalina
Vanessa Lefebvre
Pat Leonard
Tom's 46 size Sea Master
Cec Marshall & grandson Matt (maybe)   
1/4 scale J-3 Cub and giant Seamaster
Kevin McGrath
.40 powered swamp boat
Chris Moes
Moses, Jupiter Duck
Brad Newstead
Mark Primavera
.25 powered airboat
Stan Pulice
Steve Quenneville
Tower Hobbies trainer with floats
Peter Smith
UMX Carbon Cub, ???
Tom Thompson
Flyzone Beaver, Great planes PBY, another PBY, Apprentice  
Rino Zorzi
Kadet Sr.


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