Indoor Updates: September thru December 2018

sep 28

September 28th - Northern Community Centre

WOW look at all that flying space !!!
The first 55+ indoor flying session was incredible! Can you believe it? We had half of the indoor soccer facility to fly in. Stan, Steve Daly, Earl, Clarence, Peter Smith and myself flew for two hours in "pure ecstasy"!

Compared to a hardwood floor, the artificial turf requires larger wheels - such as those on Earl's Sopwith and Pietenpol, to facilitate smoother take-offs and landings without nosing over.

With the advent of a larger surface area and higher ceiling height, we will be allowed to fly larger electrics with a maximum wing-span of 1 metre (40 inches). I can hardly wait to see what the next session has in store!

'Till then, "the flying fool"...

Photo above - Earl's Pietenpol (Stevens Aero kit) has been a regular flyer outdoors this summer, and is equally at home in this large indoor facility.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos and read the captions.

(photos by Peter Smith)

oct 05a

October 5th - Grandview Public School

A small, but enthusiastic group enjoyed the season opener at the gym this week. New planes included Earl's Sopwith (or without?) Camel and my Lil Fokker - both of these from Twisted Hobbys and well suited for the small space.

Photo: (left-right) George, Norm, Greg and Earl. Missing from photo - Graham, Jack, and Chris.


(photo by C. Moes)     


October 12 - Grandview Public School

A small group again this week, but a good time was had by all, with a wide variety of flying machines buzzing the airspace non-stop for three hours.

Photo left - Chris' well worn Sumo on a training flight, with Earl on the sticks..

Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the captions.

(photos by Vanessa Lefebvre)

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