Indoor Updates: Grandview Public School - January thru April 2019

coke video

January 11th

A small group this week. The highlight was Earl's micro R/C semi-scale Spitfire with monocoque "high speed" fuselage. After we increased the tailplane area a bit by taping on some card extensions, it flew surprisingly well. Click on the photo (right) for the video!

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(photos by Peter Smith)

January 18th

Chris adapted his BoldClash BWhoop B-03 Pro quad to look like "Thunderbird 2" and learned that other aeromodellers either remember the Thunderbirds with great fondness (filmed in fabulous Supermarionation!), or have absolutely no clue regarding the origins of this famous prototype. It's an "age" thing, I guess. The model flies well, and looks very cool in the air. Yes, we know it is supposed to be green...  FAB!
Earls' Coke bottle semi-scale micro Spitfire was back, and flies even better with enlarged tail feathers and appropriate markings!

jan 18

(photos by C. Moes)    


foamie video

January 25th

Chris' cleverly disquised Tiny Whoop (as Thunderbird 2) and Earl's Coke bottle Spitfire
were back!
Chris also brought his fancy new camera, and recorded a "test video" of Peter flying his foamies. Click on Peter's "vintage" EZ-3D Trainer (left) to watch the video.

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(photos 1 -8 by Peter Smith, 9 &10 by C. Moes)



February 15th

Peter's new Crack Fokker Dr.1 made it's debut this week. With all that wing area (three wings = 50% more than the Sopwith Camel) it's a very slow flyer and quite maneuverable. Click on the photo (right) for the video! 

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(photos by Peter Smith, except  #1 by C. Moes)


feb 22


February 22nd

In addition to our "regular" R/C flying this week, we tried something really new and different - R/C Round-the-pole!
Round-the-pole (RTP) indoor flying has been around since the earliest days of model aviation. Models are either rubber powered, such as the vintage model we flew last year (click for video), or electric powered - traditionally using the tether (wires) to supply the power and controlled with a slot-car pistol grip throttle.
Nowadays - the use of a modern electric motor, speed control, LiPo, and R/C system to control only two channels (throttle and elevator) RTP is simplicity itself! Our setup uses a heavy metal base (brake rotor), carbon fibre "post", a fidget spinner, a length of Dacron line, and a paper clip connector. Next time, we will use "Spiderwire" - much less drag than the dacron (see photo).
As the result of our experiments earlier this season, it became apparent that "purpose built" model would be prefered, with more power (larger motor) than a free flying (untethered) model.
Enter the micro Phantom Mite! Originally bult and flown as a "pure" control line models, this version was converted using a Vapor style Rx/servo model for throttle and elevator control. Wow! Very easy and relaxing to fly - EVERYONE had a chance to fly it - with smiles all around. You don't have to worry about hitting the walls - the perfect intro to indoor "R/C" flying!
Click on the photo (left) for the video!


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(photos by Peter Smith)



March 1st

After our success with R/C Round-the-pole last week, we "doubled our fun" this week - flying two "Phantom Mite" models together!
It was great fun, and a real challenge to fly the two "Phanto Mite" models in formation. Both are somewhat "underpowered" - the blue (upper) airplane flying full throttle most of the time, with the red model trying to match speed. Click on the photo (right) for the video!   >>>>

March 8th

In addition to our "regular" R/C flying, our R/C RTP (round-the-pole) experiments continued this week. In the "quest for speed", Chris mounted a 35mm EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) on a tiny all-balsa airframe with some resemblance to the German He-162 "Volksj├Ąger". The model has a 6A ESC, and flies about the same on either 2S - 250 mAh or 2S - 400mAh LiPo pack.
It is a remarkably stable aircraft, and can be flown hands off - even at full throttle. However, after maybe 5 minutes of flying time, a loud "chattering" sound and severe vibration started to develop above 80% throttle. After several ground tests, the vibration persisted, nearly breaking the wing free from the fuselage. Further investigation required.
Even at 80% throttle, the speed of this model is impressive. Our best lap time was 3.1 seconds on 23 1/2 foot lines = 52 kph. A new gym record!

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(photos by Peter Smith)


March 22nd

The original free-flight "Dakota" was designed by Joe Wagner 70 years ago (1949). It was of all-balsa construction and powered by an .049 glow engine
To celebrate the occasion, we flew our "modern" R/C replicas together and recorded a video! Click on the image (right) to view >>>>

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(photos by Peter Smith)

edf 01

April 5th

Chris' micro RTP (round-the-pole) EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) speedster was back - this time with a new 30mm EDF, 10A ESC, and 450 mAh 3 cell. Best lap time was 2.2 seconds. On a 23'-6" tether (only 18" clear at either side of gym!) this works out to 74 kph (46 mph). The LiPo was not fully charged - so we'll be back...
Click on the image (left) for the YouTube video!


April 26th

Our last session in the gym at Grandview Public School for this season. It was a somewhat smaller group this year, but we flew, flew, flew....  and everyone's flying skills have improved as a result!
Chris' micro RTP EDF model was back, in an effort to break the 80 kph barrier. With the landing gear and fins removed, and with a fresh LiPo, we shaved the lap time down from 2.2 to 2.1 seconds - for a speed of 77 kph (48 mph).  
After demonstrating his trusty Fokker's ability to lift a bean bag on March 22, the Mad Dog installed a Mobius Action cam on the lower "wing" and took a few "aerial" pics - photos 1 & 2 below.
Thanks to George Federley for making arrangements for us to fly at the gym again this year!

Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the captions.

(photos by Peter Smith)

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