Indoor Flying - General Information


There is no indoor flying at the present time.


Boreal French Immersion Public School Gym

(formerly Alexander Henry)



General Info:

  • FREE ADMISSION for all flyers and spectators - courtesy of JD Aero.
  • Flyers do not need to be a member of MAAC or the Soo Modellers to participate.
  • The entrance will be open (a sentry will be posted) from approximately 5:45 pm to 6:15 pm. After this time, the door will be locked - but a phone # will be posted so we can let you in.  
  • Flyers and spectators of all ages are welcome!

Safety Guidelines:

  1. The pit area (flight line) is behind the black line (marked on floor) along the entire south side of the gym (near entrances). The rest of the gym is considered the “active flying area”.
  2. Pilots must be in direct communication with each other while using the active flying area.
  3. No one should enter the active flying area (e.g. when launching or retrieving aircraft) without notifying and receiving acknowledgement from all active pilots.
  4. Pilots must not fly over the pit area & flight line. On occasion, a wayward aircraft will enter this airspace. At such times, the pilot must provide a verbal warning.
  5. Depending on the attendance, we may fly in turns based on category (e.g. foamies only, micros only, etc.)
  6. Please check in with either George or Chris at the beginning of the session for familiarization and any additional safety rules.

jd aero
MANY THANKS to JD AERO for sponsoring the 2019/2020 indoor program!
Click on their logo (left) to learn more about the Soo's most experienced aircraft heavy maintenance provider!

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