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February 20th - Product Advisory

At last week's indoor session, my Spektrum DX6 transmitter failed due to a faulty RF module, the second club tx to fail in this manner this year. This is the result of an inherent flaw in this model of transmitter whereby the RF module SPMR70116 fails (!) dues to low voltage. This defect is well documented online.
As if the faulty component isn't bad enough, Horizon Hobby will not send you a replacement part, and insists that you incur the delay, cost, hassle, and potential of being damaged or lost by sending your complete Tx back and forth across the border to their US based service facility for "repairs". It is a simple plug-in component. My recommendation? Avoid purchasing this transmitter!

January 31st - For Sale!

These just in from Marc Ouellet in Sudbury:


  1. Tiger 60 with 70-4 Stroke Ready To Fly. Maybe 10 flights. $380.00 - FIRM
  1. Parkzone F-27Q Stryker 180 BNF with 4 batteries. $60.00
  1. One 10 size glow trainer ready to fly for $ 80.00
  1. One TreeHopper built and requires fuselage cover only. $200.00 - FIRM
  1. 91 - 4 Stroke  OS with spare motor for parts. $150.00 - FIRM
  1. One Great Planes P-47 Electric New Ready To Fly. $140.00 FIRM

January 12th - For Sale!

(Updated from previous post on Oct 22)
Craig has several Indoor items for sale:


Hobbyking servos x 4


Depron Foamie Kit
23" span - includes foam bits only


foamstar s
Foamstar Arrow
Complete as shown
Servos, motor, esc
Can include Orange DSMX receiver


December 24th - For Sale!

(updated from previous posts on Nov 30, Dec 4, 9 &12)
Chris has the following indoor items available - while they last!
3mm Depron foam sheets - 1000mm x 350mm   $10/sheet
Foam Tac Adhesive - 30ml tube   $8.00/tube
Music wire - .025" x 36"          $0.75/each
HMG Balsa Cement - 24 ml tube
Traditional acetate based adhesive (similar to Ambroid, Sigment, etc.) - lightweight, strong, and fuelproof.
From UK    $12.00/tube
lemon rx
Lemon Rx DSM2 Compatible 6-Channel Receiver (End-Pin)
These are new and in original packaging    $25.00/each
Parkzone PKZ3328 - Prop Shaft w/Gear (x2) for Vapor
New and in original packaging    $10.00
pkz3102 s
Parkzone PKZ3102 - Propeller w/Spinner for Ember 2
New and in original packaging    $5.00
pkz3429 s
Parkzone PKZ3429 - Prop Shaft w/Gear (x2) for Ember 2
New and in original packaging    $5.00

December 17th - For Sale!

coverite s
Sold - Dec 24th
Craig has some 39" wide Coverite for sale.
  1. White - 2 rolls (and a bit)
  2. Blue Super Covering - 1 roll
  3. White Permagloss - 1 roll
New are unopened. - $50 for the lot (?)
Remember, I'm cheaper than Cec.



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