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craig rx

August 30 - Receivers for Sale

Craig has two 9 channel receivers DSMX protocol for sale:
  • AR9100 Power Safe with switch  $150
  • JR921X $75

June 28 - Planes for Sale

John Manning from Sault Ste; Marie Michigan has the following items for sale. All prices are $US
  • 2 each of 72mhz transmitters. One of them has matching crystals for the radio and included receiver. (Channel 45) The other one has different crystals. They both worked fine when last used.  $25 for both.
  • AXI 4120-18 BRAND NEW Electric Motor, never used. $75
  • Great Planes EDGE 540 3D airplane, ready to fly, everything included except battery. It is very little flown. I have 2 of them and only need one. This one used to belong to Dennis Henry in our club. He bought it and wanted more gas planes so I bought it when he moved South. $125
  • Almost new Hobby king Smart Plane. Flown maybe 10 or 15 times. I did convert it from Nose steering to tail wheel steering, now a tail dragger. this fixes the constant problem they have with nose gear breakage. It is ready to fly.  $145
  • Mini Funtana Airplane, Ready to fly except battery. $50
  • Custom built Warbird. It was designed for gas, the builder wanted Electric, started the conversion and quit because of bad health. It is airframe only, ready for the insides.  $25
John also has a few other things to sell, parts etc. The best bet is for someone looking to come over.

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June 14 - DC-3 Kit for Sale

Bob Yake (located in the Sault) has a Top Flite DC3 kit for sale - including the air retracts and some other accessories for its construction. Also...  some radio and servo stuff must be seen to know what there is. Bob is ready to make a deal!!!   Contact us, we'll put you in touch!

dc 3