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08 nov 19
Photo above: The first three Chtcats made their debut at Boreal School in November 2019.
Left to right - These models are made of Depron & "blue foam" (by Chris), and foamboard (by George).
The Chticat (pronounced: "sh-tee-cat") is very popular in Europe and there are many websites and videos featuring these models. Here are a few of them...
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Full size plans formated to print on A4 size paper, but will print just fine on "old fashioined" 8 1/2" x 11" (letter size).  >>>>
These plans specify Depron, but easiely adapted to materials of different thicknesses - eg.  blue foam. foamboard or EPP. The EPP version uses 9mm for main structure, 5mm for fin/rudder, and 3mm for front lower scoop and uupper cowl.

chticat kit f


Kits are available from several European vendors. Here are two of them. You will have to contact them regarding shipping to Canada.
GUIX MODEL - from France   €20.00      >>>>
chticat kit g
YUKI MODEL  - from Germany   19.90    >>>>.
A PNP (plug and play) version will be available soon at  €59.90



Construction & Other Info

A comprehisive build log and other useful info on the UK website   >>>>

chticat vid

Chticat Video

There are a gazillion Chticat videos online. Here's a nice short one from the Netherlands - with that characteristic meeeowwww sound - and we love those lights!     >>>>