Active 55+ Indoor Flying

55 plus 01

01 oct 19

 (photo by Craig Knight)

The rate of only $5 per session is meant to encourage 55+ people to get out and keep active.
You do not need to be a member of MAAC or Soo Modellers to participate.
The flying area now includes both soccer fields. The turf needs larger wheels to take off and land. Aircraft with small wheels will need to be hand launched.
General rules and etiquette:
  1. Please bring indoor footwear to use on the turf .
  2. Please respect the flight lines and pits area .
  3. If you are taking off , use the “ Going Up “ voice command to let others know you are joining the other flyers .
  4. If you are landing , use the “ Landing “ command to let others know you are loosing altitude and speed to land .
  5. If you have to go on the field use the “ On The Field  “ voice command to let others know your intentions .
  6. If your model is going into the pits or flight line use verbal warnings to alert others .
If you have any questions about any procedures talk to Cec or Peter.
Fly Safely!  Have Fun!
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