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Indoor flying (55+) - Tuesday May 28

Northern Community Centre
2:00 to 4:00 pm
This will be the last indoor session of the season.
Click on Bill's "micro Magnum Reloaded flying at the indoor turf facility on April 30th (left) for photos from Season 13 in the INDOOR menu above.

(photo by Peter Smith)

Club Night Thursday - May 30th

may 14

(photo by Peter Smith)

During summer months, the Soo Modellers make a special effort to get together on Thursday evenings (weather permitting) for R/C flying fun! This week's session is planned for May 30th.
Click on Cecil (above) as seen on Tuesday May 14th with a bevy of electric models - including Peter's new P-51 (left) !!!  - to reminisce about our flying adventures last summer.
Club Members: There will be a meeting at 7:00pm to discuss options:for onsite storage. Click here for notes from the previous meeting (May 16). 


This year, the Soo Modellers will be partciating in the annual Boomers and Beyond event at the Sault Ste. Marie Public Library with a presentation and display of their models. Aside from being a chance to meet club members and learn more about our hobby, there's free food for the first 50 Boomers! Who can resist? Mark your calendars and invite your friends for this free all-day event!


fun fly 11

Upper Great Lakes Yearly Fun Fly

Saturday - June 22nd
Each year in the springtime, the Soo Modellers host a get together of R/C model airplane enthusiasts from near and far - just for the fun of it!
Click on Zone Trophy Recipient Clarence Boyer and his Norseman for a sampling of photos and reports of this event for the past three years.

(photo by Peter Smith)

may 05 06

Echoes from Far Valley

The runway has been rolled, and flying operations are now in full swing at the Far Valley Model Flying Club on St. Joseph Island.
Click on Earl's Pietenpol on it's very first takeoff run - well sort of - for the latest news and photos from Northern Ontario's newest and smallest club!

(photo by Bernie Helbling)

Welcome to the online home of the Soo Modellers RC Model Airplane Club. Our club members enjoy the challenges and rewards of all types of Radio Controlled Flying Models. We fly outdoors in the summertime, indoors during winter, and always welcome new members!

Our club was established in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada in the early 1940's as you will learn in Doc's brilliant History of Aeromodelling in Sault Ste. Marie included in the HISTORY section (above). There are many other gems here from days gone by, including scanned images from dusty old photo albums and reprints from newsletters of the past.
The main menu (above) also provides information about our FLYING SITE which is suitable for both land and water based operations. The PICS menu features photos and reports of summertime flying, and the best of the Soo Modellers videos are found in the FLICS menu. The INDOOR menu includes info, updates, and photos taken indoors in the gym during wintertime. The MEMBERSHIP menu provides useful information about the club for both members and visitors alike.
The bulletins and photos above include links to the latest updates in the main menu - and usually stick around for a few weeks...
We hope you enjoy the site - and we always welcome your questions, comments, and contributions. Contact us!
Christian Moes
MAAC #7077

jd aero
MANY THANKS to our corporate sponsor JD AERO for their ongoing support of the Soo Modellers!
Click on their logo (left) to learn more about the Soo's most experienced aircraft heavy maintenance provider!

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